Advertise your Business on the Camaro Show!

If you have a Camaro or performance vehicle business, you need to advertise on the Camaro Show!
The Camaro Show is one of the most unique advertising opportunities available because there is no other highly-ranked Camaro podcast out there.  Our listeners tune in because there’s no other way for them to get their Camaro news the way we deliver it.  If a listener misses just a few minutes of one of our show, they miss a lot.  This means they typically remain fully engaged from start to finish, and your message won’t likely be overlooked or ignored.

Camaro Show Mission
The mission of the Camaro Show is to broadcast the latest and most accurate Camaro and General Motors news each and every week to Camaro enthusiasts worldwide. We do this in a fun, friendly, and entertaining way that all automotive enthusiasts can enjoy.  

The show’s demographic is the Camaro owner and general automotive enthusiast in the 17-60 age range, but more importantly, we’re reaching anyone who just likes to hear fresh perspectives on Camaro and General Motors news, especially from two hosts who are considered veterans and experts on the Camaro and Camaro lifestyle.

We have a network of an average of thousands of listeners and fans each and every week.  This is via online browser delivery, iTunes subscribers, Google Store subscribers, Stitcher, and Facebook.  This number is growing as we release more episodes and more people talk about our show and switch from casual listeners to die-hard subscribers.  One listen of our show and people get hooked.

What YOU get from advertising on the Camaro Show
By becoming a Camaro Show advertiser, you will have your message delivered via an energetic and strategically-placed personalized message spoken by the show hosts.  We’re not talking canned recordings…we will deliver it fresh in every episode so you can custom tailor any message you like!  This is especially good for new product releases, specials, or hot company news.
We have a limited number of spots available in each episode and we are selective of who we allow to advertise with us.

The Camaro Show is an evolution of the CamaroZ28.Com Podcast, which was started by us in 2006 and had a consistent run of 500 episodes.  We’re not new at doing Camaro podcasts, and since we started CamaroZ28.Com in 1996, we’re definitely not new to the Camaro scene.  We are regarded as pioneers of Camaro news and information.  We are trusted and well-known, and you can count on us to deliver your message effectively.

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