Camaro Show #104 – How Lethal Can Your Camaro Get?

How Lethal Can Your Camaro Get?

This week show we have a special guest that we are talking to. We welcome Matt Everett back to the show. Matt runs a very popular YouTube channel named Lethal Garage at He describes his channel on YouTube as “I am a huge Camaro fan and car enthusiast who has crafted this channel for my love of tech and cars.”

He has been documenting the modifications he has been doing to his 6th Gen Camaro. Most recently, he had a Procharger Supercharger installed and tells us all about that experience and the power he has picked up. Matt says they up to 4 videos a week now, so make sure you go check them out! He also does Live streaming on YouTube as well as on his Instagram page at You can also head over to his website at and pick up a hat or a sticker. Proceeds from those sales help his son who was born with a blood disorder.

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Another Dodge Demon video was released this week. This one is titled “No Ice” which gives a sneak peak at the air conditioner cooling the intercooler between runs at the track!

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  1. He its Tom from macedon, NY again…. didn’t know if you guys have seen this?

    The Exorcist 1,000 HP Camzro Zl1 by Hennessey

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