Camaro Show #106 – Get Your Camaro Cleaned Up for Spring

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Get Your Camaro Cleaned Up for Spring

It’s springtime! That means it’s time to start taking your cars out of storage (for those who store their cars during the winter months). This also means that spring cleaning of the cars commences. We share some spring cleaning tips for your Camaro’s as well as other cars. Jason has also set up a new Facebook group for those of you who want to share your cleaning tips. Head on over to and check it out. Feel free to post and share your tips!

Brand new 10-speed Auto Camaro ZL1 does a huge smoky burnout…in the dealership parking lot! Would you do this with your brand new Camaro after taking delivery of it?

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The 2018 Tahoe RST is the newest SUV Muscle from Chevrolet.

Model car building. Are kids still doing this? We discuss.

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