Camaro Show #108 – Camaro Refresh?

Camaro Show #108 – Camaro Refresh?

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Camaro Refresh

Is it time for a Camaro refresh? That is the consensus after seeing some spy shots this week that was posted. The 5th Gen went with a mid-cycle refresh after putting out 4 years of cars. As we approach the 3rd year of production in a 6th Gen, I’m sure development is underway.

Hennessy Performance put the Exorcist Camaro ZL1 on the Dyno this week. How does 959 rear wheel HP sound?

The 6th Gen Camaro brings with it another iteration of a Trans Am. This one is limited to 50 cars and is being touted as the one to make the Demon look silly. We discuss this.

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Can’t stress this enough…stop with the A-Holery leaving Cars and Coffee. It looks like someone is going to be paying a price from the looks of this one.

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