Camaro Show #11 – Putting the Top Down on the 2016 Camaro


Are you waiting for a Convertible 2016 Camaro?

We sure are! Chevrolet dropped a teaser video on social media channels on Friday with an anticipated announcement coming on 6/24/15. Here is the video – The video states – “Objects in motion should stay in motion, especially when dropping the top. There’s only one button between you and the sky. The most innovative Camaro Convertible ever will soon reveal all its secrets. Stay tuned. It all goes down 6/24/15.”

Dealer event going on this week in Las Vegas, NV with an introduction to the 6th Gen Camaro. We discuss.

Camaro Superfest is coming up July 4th weekend.

We have a bunch of voicemails this week and a Facebook message to answer. Please continue to call in with your car detailing tips, you could win a Camaro Show prize pack.

CamaroSix ZL1 & Z/28

We had a few callers this week asking about what is going on with a new 6th Generation Camaro ZL1. CamaroNews recently teamed up with avid Camaro enthusiast and artist Jackie Eason and he shows a rendition of what he thinks a 6th Gen ZL1 and Z/28 will look like. – See more at:

Want to see Chris Frezza in a Buzzfeed video? #Bringbackcrystalpepsi.

Camaro Collectables will be starting some auctions on a lot of Camaro stuff. Make sure you pay attention to the website as there will be some very interesting things that will be going up for auction.

This weeks show was broadcast live on Meerkat. Watch for our postings when we record each week and you can join in LIVE while we record. You can get the App at

Do you like fast cars? Do you like beer? Well, check out our sixth episode of a new project we are working on called Gears and Beers. Let us know what you think. Episode 6 of the Gears and Beers show is now released! With special guest Jason Port from CamaroNews.Com, we cover the incredible Chevrolet Camaro SIX Premiere Event! We celebrate this with one of the best IPAs ever made, Bell’s Hopslam.

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