Camaro Show #110 – Camaro Show Season Starts

Camaro Show Season Starts

Time to for the Camaro Car Show Season to start! We have a list to start out this episode of a few of our personal favorites. Please send us over your car show if you would like us to talk about it.

Rodgers Chevrolet Camaro Show, May 20, 2017 –
Michigan F-body Meet and Greet, June 2, 2017 –
Camaro Super Fest, June 30-July2, 2017 –
Camaro5 Fest – July 14-15,2017 –
Holly LS Fest Bowling Green- Sep 8-10, 2017 –

The good folks over at break down the Camaro sales from April 2017.

The new Stevenson Motorsports GT4.R is bad ass! Cool article by the folks at Jalopnik this week.

We have five voicemails this week and one email. Please continue to give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 586-486-3182.

Upgrade your MagneRide in your C7 from RideTech. Camaro can’t be far behind.

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