Camaro Show #120 – Hot Camaro Summer

Hot Camaro Summer

Camaro Fest 7 Event. Jason was on hand in Bowling Green for the CamaroFest event and discusses it. Jason had a short talk with Matt from Lethal Camaro as well which we play for you.

Our hometown Chevrolet dealer, Buff Whelan Chevrolet,  the largest in Michigan and one of the very largest in the United States caught fire this week. We wish all the best to all our friends there.

Upcoming events and car shows we talk about

Woodward Dream Cruise – August 19, 2017. Those of you who are coming to town, we recommend the Detroit Marriott Troy Hotel.

All GM Show at Berger Chevrolet.

The 2017 Berger 1LE Camaro.

We have two voicemails this week. Please continue to give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 586-486-3182.

Review of the products Better than a Brush and Bugs Off pad by Matt from Houston.

Chris Frezza’s YouTube channel he was talking about at the end of the show. Fun and entertaining food challenge and tastings with his son Vito.

Be courteous to other drivers. Don’t drive like a douche.

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