Camaro Show #128 – You Can Buy a Camaro GT4.R

You Can Buy a Camaro GT4.R

It sounds like if you are in the market to start a race team and need a car, the Camaro GT4.R will be an option. Just like the COPO Camaro for the drag strip, it appears as though the Camaro GT4.4 will be available for purchase.

Hennessy teases Exorcist Camaro convertible.

John Hennessy also takes us along for a ride in their new Camaro ZL1 1LE and talks Hurricane Harvey.

Jason talks about LS Fest 2017 in Bowling Green, KY. Meet and Greet in Las Vegas during SEMA 2017.

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It appears as dealers are finding a way to get around Dodge’s markup regulations for the new Dodge Demon.

Several years ago, Jason posted a short video of a Covercraft Car Cover. protecting his Camaro from the rain. Here’s a much more in-depth test and review. The results are AMAZING!

Be courteous to other drivers. Don’t drive like a douche.

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