Camaro Show #152 – Sales, Speed, and Crashes

Camaro 1LE in Krypton Green

Sales, Speed, and Crashes

February sales figures are released this week. Camaro does better than January sales but still trails the Challenger and Mustang with the units delivered. Don’t let the gloom and doom headlines distract. We discuss… again.

John Force crashes hard! Courtney wins. The Force family is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Get well soon John, and watch where your walking at SEMA.

Looking for a brand new COPO Camaro to race? Or maybe just hang out in your garage and didn’t get picked to purchase one? Our friends over at GM Authority found one on eBay, brand new!

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We just talked about Hennessey last week with their Exorcist Camaro. This week, they are at it again. Watch their 800-HP Hennessey Escalade race a new stock Camaro ZL1 1LE.

Here is another scene of some A-holery. Someone doesn’t know how to handle the power of what looks like a C6 Corvette.

Part 2 of Jason’s Video from last week. Why I chose Southern Integrity Auto Transport for my Corvette Z06.

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