Camaro Show #156 – Where is the Camaro Refresh Unveil?

Where is the Camaro Refresh Unveil?

This week started the Media events for the New York Auto Show. After seeing now Camaro refresh unveiled in Detroit, Chicago, Geneva, and heck even LA we were half expecting to see it shown in New York. No Camaro was shown at any media event in New York this week. Our friends over at Torque News put out an article earlier this week stating that nothing seemed to be scheduled for this.

In March of 2013, Chevrolet unveiled the mid-cycle refreshed Camaro at the New York Auto Show. Then in classic Steve Jobs “just one more thing” move, unveiled the 5th Gen Z/28. We thought history might repeat itself. So where, or when are they going to unveil the mid-cycle 6th Gen car? That is the question of the week.

Horsepower Wars: Pony Wars, a new online show has starting getting shared around this week. They are taking a 2017 Camaro SS vs a 2017 Mustang GT. In the first part of the show, they need to get some baseline numbers on the dyno. The Camaro does not disappoint stock!

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