Camaro Show #162 – Camaro Con 2 was Huge

Camaro Con 2 was Huge

Camaro Con 2 was a HUGE success this year. How huge was it? Over 1000 Camaro’s for a Cars and coffee style event in a parking lot in Temecula, CA for a 4-hour show. Wow! Hats off Matt, you did a fantastic job!

Man test driving friend’s new Camaro drives it into Illinois river. Ouch. No word on if these people are still friends.

It’s Team Camaro vs. Team Mustang. First, they hit the Dyno, then the dragstrip. Who comes out on top?

Our good friend Dennis Pittsenbarger has a new show on Discovery. It’s called Sticker Shock and it’s pretty darn good. Go check it out.

We have two voicemails this week (one came in at the end of the show). Please continue to give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 586-486-3182.

There Are Only 11 New Performance Cars You Can Buy With a Naturally Aspirated V8. If you want a new performance car that has a V8 without turbo- or supercharging, these are your only 12 options.

Corvette ZR1 destroys Dodge Demon and sets a world record the same night at the drag strip.

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