Camaro Show #164 – Get In Your Camaro and Drive

Get In Your Camaro and Drive

It’s time to get off the book of face and get out there and drive your Camaro, or another car you may have. It’s been absolutely beautiful around these parts and it’s time to spend some quality time with your cars.

Since we are driving our cars more, it’s time for some tips for getting them clean. How many of you have a power washer? Now, how many of you are using a foam cannon. Jason discusses what he believes to be some good options to use with a power washer to clean your car.

Win a Custom Camaro SS, Hang Out with Richard Petty, Support a Great Charity Group. For as little as $10, you could win a customized Chevrolet Camaro SS and hang out with Richard Petty for a day in that unique muscle car, all while supporting a great cause.

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New contest alert! What is your single best car cleaning tip? Call it in for a chance to win some free car cleaning products from 303.

Ford vs. Chevy at the box office. What kind of cars do you see more of in movies? You can also go right to the source at the Internet Movies Car Data Base at

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