Camaro Show #172 – CamaroFest VIII

CamaroFest VIII

This show is dedicated in its entirety this week to CamaroFest VIII. The event was hosted in Bowling Green, KY with events from drag racing, road course racing, auto crossing and car shows. Jason was there for the event and got us several interviews for this show.

Here is a list of interviews in this weeks episode:

1 – Scott “Fbodfather” Settlemire
2 – Joe Bella, Organizer of CamaroFest VIII
3 – Jim Kalahar, General Motors Camaro Team
4 – Al Oppenheiser, General Motors Camaro Team Chief Engineer

Please check out for more information on this event and future events. We hope to see you there.

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  1. Dr. David Semrau

    This is Dave Semrau. I posted four videos on YouTube that I shot at the Carlyle Chevy Nationals a little while ago. I was surprised at the negative response to the 2019. But in person most people liked it.

    Sorry that I caused such a big controversy.

    I have a 2017 50th Anniversary with all options but sunroof. I love it !!

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