Camaro Show #182 – Camaro Wins Lightning Lap Category

Camaro Wins Lightning Lap Category

Once again, Camaro wins its segment in the Car and Driver Lightning Lap – Turbo 1LE is the fastest in the LL1 category this year. That means the Camaro V6 1LE and the Turbo 1LE are #1 & #2 fastest ever in this LL1 category. Corvette ZR1 was also the fastest LL4 car, ever, too. Way to go, Chevrolet!

Camaro dominates Mustang again in Motor Trends best driver’s car contender.

Is there something mysteriously loud cruising around the General Motors Proving Grounds?

Go build yourself a 2019 Camaro and see what it’ll cost you. The Camaro configurator is back up and working again. Jason and I each configure a Camaro during the show.

What if you could put the new Chevy Blazer headlights on the 2019 Camaro?

Md.—The GEARWRENCH Win a Camaro Challenge came to a thrilling conclusion Sunday
morning at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Just hours before the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
South Point 400 kicked off the playoffs, three finalists from around the country raced against one another
with a custom 2018 Camaro SS on the line, and the long-awaited finale did not disappoint.
In the end, Steve Steiner from Spring Lake Park, MN, clocked the fastest time, finishing the Camaro
Challenge in a blistering 11.746 seconds. John Kreymborg from Southampton, NY, finished in second
and Emil Zarn from Durant, OK, finished in third.

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