Camaro Show #211 – Electric Swapped Camaro

Electric Swapped Camaro

Happy Anniversary to the Camaro Show! It’s been 4 years of the Camaro Show now since we switched over from the CamaroZ28.COM Podcast. Go back and listen to the very first episode here.

Electric-swapped Camaro drift car – AKA the Camaro EL1.

2019 Camaro Yenko Stage 2 with 1000HP headed to auction at Barrett-Jackson.

NextGen Corvette finally set for unveiling on 07-18-19

$3.2 billion dollar Synergy Green Camaro? LOL!

Camaro launches in the Philippine Market, but not the Camaro SS.

We have no new voicemails this week. Please continue to give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 586-486-3182.

Boats of the 70’s. These cars were freakin huuuuuuuuuuge!

The most important car the year you were born.

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