Camaro Show #215 – Spring Camaro Update

Spring Camaro Update

The 15% discount will continue in May at participating dealers. 2018 Camaro discount: 15 percent below MSRP on most 2018 models – 2018 Camaro customer cash: $1,000 customer cash on any 2018 model – 2018 Camaro finance offer: $1,000 APR cash + 0 percent APR (interest-free) for 72 months – 2019 Camaro customer cash: $500 customer cash. It’s the perfect time to go pick up a new Camaro this spring.

General Motors has announced it will invest $170 million CAD in the Oshawa Assembly plant in Ontario, converting the former vehicle assembly facility into a parts production site and advanced vehicle testing center.

50th Anniversary of the Baldwin-Motion SS-427 Phase III Supercars.

The summer is right around the corner. What are you doing with your car?

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  1. Any thoughts on covering the V6 Camaros we designed superchargers for? Up to 800 hp smoking the V8’s. I am one of the founders of Overkill supercharger Systems along with William Rishworth and with more V6’s out there than V8’s I am sure plenty would
    Like to know there are performance options.

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