Camaro Show #223 – The World Of Camaro As We Know It

The World Of Camaro As We Know It

We have a special guest joining us this week to lend his knowledge to the show. Jason Port of and is in the studio.

This week the quarterly sales figures were released for Q2 2019. We talk about the continued decline in sales for Camaro and what could be next. 2020 sales should be starting next month and introduce the new entry V8 SS called the LT1 model with the refreshed SEMA front end.

It doesn’t appear we would have a slow news week as another bomb got dropped this week courtesy of an exclusive by Muscle Cars and Trucks. They are reporting that the Sixth-Gen Camaro Z/28 has been officially canceled blaming GM’s latest restructuring efforts possibly. We discuss this.

Al your are only hope video.

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