Camaro Show #237 – Who is the Camaro Buyer?

2020 Camaro

Dodge Charger lures Camaro buyers.

SEMA Award Finalists announced this week. SEMA Car of the Year nominees: Audi R8, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang. Where is the Dodge Challenger this year?

Camaro Fest X Dates Announced! July 9-12, 2020 Bowling Green KY. For all the details, make sure you go to

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Stop using the word “Gapplebees” people. Stop!

Jason puts a company on blast.

The SEMA Show is coming up this November again. Who will be going? We will be having a Meet and Greet at Level Up in MGM Grand Casino the Wednesday, November 6th during SEMA. Go to the Facebook event at

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  1. Hey guys! A new fan of the show since a couple months ago. Just want to throw a wishful thinking out there an wonder what you guys think… Since as of now, no plans for a 7th gen Camaro, wouldn’t it be nice it for the 2020 or 2021 Camaro Zl1, Chevy release the model with the LT5 engine?! Especially, since the Corvettes will not use the engine any more (well, assuming they will not). Imagine, a 2021 SS models come with a LT4 and the ZL1 comes with a LT5 supercharged. Or ZL1 comes LT5 and the ZL1 1LE comes LT5 supercharged. Hey, may the SS with the LT4 and SS 1LE with the LT4 supercharged.

    I have a lot of wishful thinking. Lol! Thanks for your time guys. Have a good one.

    C.J. Shaw

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