Camaro Show #260 – A Different World For Camaro

Camaro Show

It’s strange. Strange that the last time we talked to you we just started talking bout how COVID-19 is canceling many car events, including postponing the New York Auto Show. We are now part of a different world. Major car shows have been canceled, with many more cancellations to come I’m sure. This week Camaro Fest X was postponed until next summer 2021.

Quarter one of 2020 sales figures were released this week. It was brutal, not only for the muscle car market in general, but it was especially brutal for Camaro. We discuss this.

There are some great deals out there on Corvette’s and Camaro’s.

We’re all physically sitting at home, but this tour takes us straight into one of the great car collections anywhere. Peterson Automotive Museum has some great tours.

We have three voicemails and one email this week. Please continue to give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 586-486-3182.

What are the updates for the 2021 Chevrolet Camaro this year? There are some minor updates, including the addition of one color, subtraction of 2 other colors – but the biggest update lies with the 2021 Camaro SS 1LE.

They are already putting the nitrous tanks in the Frunk of the new Corvette C8’s.

It’s that time of year again! Here’s how to wash your microfiber towels the correct way!

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