Camaro Show #262 – Making your Camaro Summer 2020 Fun

Camaro Show

Hello to our loyal listeners. We are back it and closer to getting back to normal every day. In this episode, we want to let you know that even though your favorite Camaro show or car event may have been canceled this summer, there are still things you can do to have fun for the summer of 2020.

What can you do this summer with your Camaro? We know lots of events are being canceled for the summer of 2020, but you can find so many other things to do to enjoy your car. Here are just a few things we came up with.

1 – Give it a thorough wash and detail.
2 – Buy a new Camaro! – Now is a great time.
3 – Find a drive-in theater.
4 – Participate in online car shows. Check out how Camaro Super Fest went virtual this year at
5 – Buy parts! Shops and dealers would appreciate it.
6 – Find a new road and just go for a nice long drive, maybe turn the radio off and enjoy the car.
7 – Do some maintenance that you’ve been putting off.
8 – Just post pics, suddenly everyone else might as well.

Sema Show 2020 is still a go. We will be keeping our eye on this carefully.

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Special shout out and thoughts go out to our Camaro friends BeckyD and Amy McKenna!

Jason got a new Chevy Truck and tells of his experiences so far.

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