Camaro Show #263 – Shifting Gears

Hello, our loyal listeners. It sure has been a while since we last released a new episode and talked with you. This has been one heck of a year. A lot of things have changed and ultimately, we will be shifting gears here at the Camaro Show.

Please kick back, relax and listen to our very last episode the Camaro Show Podcast. On behalf of both of us, we want to thank you so much for your continued support since we started Podcasting (first the CamaroZ28.Com, and now the Camaro Show) back in 2005.

We will take a trip down memory lane in this episode. What has been going on since June? Where we are going and what is to come.

Once again, thank you all so much! We will see you around on the Internets.

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  1. Very sad to see the show end, and soon the Camaro itself to follow. I was thinking, one of the great things about the show was not so much Camaro news but the interaction of the hosts, some of the best shows featured you talking about things unrelated to Camaro, such as the mosh pit, life in Nashville and Michigan different cars you have owned, and want to own etc. Point I am trying to make you guys have xcellent chemistry and story telling skills. Why quit because there is no more Camaro news?
    However thank you so much for one of my favorite podcasts, and the only one with a Camaro theme!

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