Camaro Show #55.5 Bonus Episode

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Camaro Show Bonus Episode this week

Took a little vacation this past week, which is why we had a Best Of episode on last week.  We thought we would give you a little mid-week bonus episode, so Jason Debler and I (Chris Frezza) got together with Jason Port of and to bring you the latest Camaro topics in the news.

2017 Camaro Pricing

Pricing for the 2017 Camaro was released this week.  Although we still don’t know what the pricing for the new 6th 1LE or ZL1 will be, this is the latest in the pricing for the 2016 MY.

0-100-0 Video – what an awesome video the folks over at Chevrolet Arabia released showing the 2016 Camaro SS doing a 0-100-0 run….on a platform that could end with the car going into the ocean. You have got to see this.

We learned this last week that the 2017 50th Anniversary Camaro SS will pace the 100th running of the Indy 500.  Check out all the details and pictures of this beautiful car here.

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