Camaro Show #59 – Camaro Crashes Again

2017 Camaro ZL1 Convertible

Camaro Crashes Again

This seems to be all to common now when a car leaves a Cars and Coffee event – most notably Mustang’s. This past week however, a First Gen Camaro goes out of control leaving a Cars and Coffee and does some damage. We discuss these events. Here is a link to the video –

Al Oppenheiser Talks Nurburgring At Rodgers Chevrolet Car Show and Todd Christensen tells us to save the date around Woodward Dream Cruise this year.

In this weeks show, we interview Matt Everett about this YouTube channel called Lethal Hammer. Matt does reviews, Vlogs, and install guides on his 2016 Camaro SS. Check him out and be sure to subscribe at

John Force Camaro SS Funny car revealed –

2017 Camaro Playbook –

Carbon Fiber Wheels coming for the Camaro/Corvette?

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