Camaro Show #61 – 6th Gen Camaro Doom and Gloom

Camaro 1LE

6th Gen Camaro Doom and Gloom

Camaro sales figures were released this week for May, 2016 and they were pretty dismal. In fact, Camaro had the worst May sales since coming back from hiatus with the 5th generation car. We are left scratching our heads for another month. What is going on? Is the new 6th Gen Camaro priced too high for people to afford? Do people know this 6th Gen Camaro is indeed an all new car? We dive into this. Here are some links on articles we reference during our talk:
Detroit Free Press 

Let’s be clear here, we are in no way pushing the panic button on the 6th Gen Camaro. The car is still selling very well and probably making General Motors good money.

This week Road and Track released an article online called “The Fourth-Generation Camaro Was the Best Camaro”. We posted this on our Facebook page and it definitely generated some comments. Was the Fourth-Generation Camaro the best?? We discuss.
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