Camaro Show #64 – Camaro Z/28 Minus Wing

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Camaro Z28 Minus Wing

It’s been a little while since we have seen anymore spy shots coming out. Well, this week we saw some more of what appears to be the alleged Camaro Z/28 testing on a road in Michigan. Our friends at had the exclusive on these spy pics. The thing that seems to be most noticeably gone in the new spy photos is the rear wing. We discuss this. Head on over to the article at to see all the photos they posted online this week.

The Very First Legally Licensed COPO Camaro Found at 2016 HOT ROD Power Tour. How cool would it be to be able to drive a Camaro COPO on the street? Okay, how cool would it be just to have a COPO Camaro?? Hot Rod found one on the Power Tour this year.

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Camaro Super Fest

The 25th Anniversary Camaro Super Fest is next week! Please head on over to to register for the event.  Schedule for the event is as follows:

Wednesday, June 29-

  • 6pm-9pm- Registration at HQ hotel

Thursday, June 30-

  • 7am-9am- Registration at HQ hotel
  • 9:30am- leave for laps at Michigan International Speedway!

Friday, July 1- 

  • 7am-9am- Registration at HQ hotel
  • 9:30am- leave for tour of Lansing Assembly! (where 2016 Camaros are built!)
  • 6pm-9pm- Meet-Greet at Depot Town

Saturday, July 2-

  • 8am-4pm- Show Hours at Riverside Park
  • 9am-11:30/1pm-4pm Show Judging
  • 6pm-11pm Anniversary Dinner-dance

Sunday, July 3-

  • 8am-4pm- Show Hours at Riverside Park 9am-12noon Show Judging
  • 10am RFC Service by Mike Oginsky
  • 2pm- The Awards!!

Since we are taking about a car show, we discuss some things you shouldn’t do at a car show. And what is with these creepy dolls people stand up at car shows?

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