Camaro Show #73 – GT350 vs. Camaro SS

Camaro 1LE

GT350 versus Camaro SS

A video popped up this week that was linked up from our good friends at The video shows a street race between a new Camaro SS and a new Mustang GT350. It appears as though it was pretty even. Camaro seems to win fairly easy from a stand still and the Mustang seems to win from a roll. What do you guys think?

Thieves Steal $250,000 in Wheels From a Chevrolet Dealer. And here we thought Chevy had invented a hover-Camaro.

Chevrolet releases a video on the CamaroFifty celebrations and Woodward.
Vlog of the entire 3 days CamaroFifty events.

We have lots of voicemails this week. Please continue to give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 586-486-3182.

LS Fest is coming up in Bowling Green, KY. September 09-11, 2016.

Matt AKA Lethal Hammer does some testing with cold air kits for his 2016 Camaro. Results aren’t what are expected.

Get well soon Linda Vaughn. We hope you make a speedy recovery.

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