Camaro Show #81 – Camaro 1LE is a Beast

Camaro 1LE

Camaro 1LE is a Beast

Are you ready for the 6th Gen Camaro 1LE? Car & Driver did a very nice article on the 2017 Camaro 1LE V8 car this week. This car is going to be a beast!

Speaking of Camaro 1LE’s – we were sent some photos from one on the roads here in Detroit this week.

This week saw some new pictures of two Camaro test mules out in Virginia at the Back of the Dragon. Is Chevrolet out testing some new Z/28’s for 2018?

Al Oppenheiser, “The Camaro Boss” is now driving a CTF ZL1 Convertible now. When I told Al that it’s still convertible weather here in Michigan, he replied with “Well, Chris Frezza, I’ll have a Hoodie on board, because we test these machines through snow or shine, so when it’s 30 degrees, and under 30 MPH, I’ll be droppin the top!” The Camaro Team never does sleep!

Cruise the course in an electric Camaro golf cart.

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How would you like this Camaro Pool table?

David Barton shatters NHRA Stock Eliminator Record in a COPO Camaro.

WD-40 Company Teams With SEMA Cares to Build 50th Anniversary Camaro

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