Camaro Show #90 – Christmas in Camaroland

Christmas in Camaroland

Merry Christmas to all our listeners and Camaro enthusiasts! Please remember to stay safe during this Holiday season and always buckle up!

Camaro ZL1 continues to impress. This week Motor Trend released their review of the new 6th Gen Camaro ZL1. Camaro boss Al Oppenheiser wanted the ZL1 to be the best pony car on the drag strip, on a canyon road, and on the racetrack. Chevy is marketing these three objectives as ZL1TripleThreat.

John Hennessey run ‘em! Which car is faster, The Dodge Challenger Hellcat or new 2017 Camaro ZL1? Hennessey runs them from a roll on his own private racetrack in Texas. Hellcat was an auto and Camaro ZL1 was a manual. We discuss.

Camaro Water Burnout? Who would even think of doing something like this? Well, someone on YouTube did.

We have two voicemails this week. Please continue to give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 586-486-3182.

Popular Mechanics posted an article this week titled “Everything We Think We Know About the Next Ford Mustang”. We discuss.

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