Camaro Show #93 – Krypton Green and Goodbye Chevy SS

Krypton Green and Goodbye Chevy SS

Did you see the picture of the Krypton Green Camaro ZL1 this week?  Krypton green is on the way! Our friends over at break it down as well.

Goodbye Chevy SS, we hardly got to even know you. Yes, folks, the Chevy SS is in its last model year. As Holden goes, so does this monster Sedan.

The Combustion Chamber YouTube channel has another great video out this week. A 1980 Custom Trans Am. Check them out at.

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Kia Stinger GT first look. What? That’s right we said Kia. Normally we don’t talk about these types of cars at all, but we thought we would mention this during the show this week.

The folks over at FCA and Dodge are at it again. This week they are teasing a new vehicle that claims to leave the 707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat in it’s dust. We are talking about the Dodge Demon. Looks to be announced at the NY Auto Show this year. Yes, we will be paying attention.

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