Camaro Show Episode #1 – Welcome to the All New Camaro Show

CamaroShow1Camaro Show #1 – Welcome to the All New Camaro Show.

Welcome to the first episode of the all new Camaro show podcast!  Thank you all for listening.  We will keep on pumping out the shows each week if you all keep listening.  Let us know if there is anything you would like us to talk about or discuss on the show.  We also still have the same voice mail line at 586-486-3182.

We have some 6th Gen Camaro news this week.  The 2016 Camaro Does More with Less.  New model is at least 200 pounds lighter than current car –

2016 Camaro is Stronger, Lighter and More Responsive.  Computer aided engineering contributes to 28 percent greater structural stiffness –

One of our Camaro Comrade needs some help.  Nick (2010_5thGen) has setup a GoFundMe page at to help his beautiful wife who is sick.  Best of luck to Nick and Lori – Never Give Up.

We have two voicemails this week.

Someone stole an Indy 500 Camaro and then crashed it.

5 seater option on 6th Gen Camaro?  Really?

Rest in Peace Johnny Ray.  You will be missed by many in the Camaro Community.

We have been driving a Tom Henry Racing Supercharged Tahoe Sport Edition.  500hp!  Expect to see pictures and videos soon as well as in our next episode of the Gears and Beers show.

Do you like fast cars?  Do you like beer?  Well, check out our fourth episode of a new project we are working on called Gears and Beers.  Let us know what you think.  Episode 5 of the Gears and Beers show is now released!

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